Kitchen Resurfacing – A New Surface = A New Look

By August 12, 2018News

Just like going to the hair dresser to get a new colour or a cut, Resurfacing can make your kitchen look refreshed again.

All kitchens start out new, and after 10 years or more, they need a little help to be rejuvenated.


This does not have to be difficult or expensive, and Resurfacing Australia has the perfect solution.

By Resurfacing the bench top with a faux granite finish, you will give your old bench a brand new stone look.

Then, with our specialty coating tinted with your choice of colour from the Dulux range, your cabinets can be Resurfaced in a finish of High Gloss, Satin or Matte.

“But what if they are old and damaged!”

That’s OK, we fix this before we Resurface. 😉

As part of our preparation, we remove old silicone, clean, fill and repair the surfaces so that any underlying damage will be covered by the new Surface. You can even fill the handle holes so you can install a different size handle.

“How much?”

Our members are all independent businesses that set their own pricing, but overall, Resurfacing will be about 75% cheaper than replacement.

Your quote will be based on the size of the kitchen, the type of substrate that the surface is made of and it’s condition, as well as the area around the kitchen that will need to be protected.

Just like a quote from a hair dresser, you can get a quote from your local Resurfacer before deciding if you would like to go head and make your kitchen look gorgeous again.

Contact Resurfacing Australia to today and we will refer you to your local Resurfacer.




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