Frequently Asked Questions

What is Resurfacing Australia?

Resurfacing Australia is a service to connect customers with a network of independent Resurfacers who all abide by the same high standards of service and use the same premium Napco product range, developed in 1979 and recognised internationally as the leading Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing range.

What can you Resurface?

We can Resurface kitchen benchtops and cabinets, as well as bathroom wall tiles and fittings.

Our products are designed for residential and commercial applications.

Can you get rid of cracks and damage?

Yes, that’s the best part about Resurfacing.

We repair and fill all minor damage, so after our members spray the damage to your surface will no longer be visible.

Have I seen you on TV?

Yes, for more than a decade we have appeared regularly on TV shows, in magazines, and mentioned by interior designers, property developers, and hundreds of people who have updated their home with Resurfacing..

Do you use paint?

Yes, but not the type of DIY paint you get from Bunnings or use on your wall.

Like a car or boat, you need to spray bathroom and kitchen surfaces – and only with products recommended for these wet areas.

Can I do it myself?

Our Resurfacing system needs to be applied by a professional Resurfacer due to safety, training, products and the equipment required.

What is your coating?

Our members use a specially modified polyurethane coating developed for residential and commercial environments developed by Napco Ltd since 1979.

Is resurfacing new?

No, Resurfacing bathtubs and bathrooms has been widely available and utilized in in the USA and Europe over the past 40 years.

When did Resurfacing start in Australia?

Resurfacing was available in Australia in the 1990’s but with limited technology and slow drying products.

Since 2006, Napco Ltd products were introduced with great success on bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and are now the most widely used products in Australia.

When did Resurfacing Australia start?

As the popularity of Resurfacing grew, a method of connecting people with their local Resurfacers was needed.

In 2010, Resurfacing Australia began with a small number of Resurfacers who we were able to refer to people interested in kitchen and bathroom Resurfacing.

Our membership has grown over the past decade to be Australia-wide, making Resurfacing the most cost effective, high quality renovation option available to most Australians.

Is Resurfacing Australia a franchise, or do you have contractors?


We do not support or recommend franchising. Franchises add extra costs to be paid to a Franchisor – a cost which is ultimately passed on to the customer.

Our members are all independent businesses. They will provide you with a quote from their business, and you can engage them directly.

Saving you time and money.

Will it fail?

No. After decades of Resurfacing kitchens, bathrooms, hotels and commercial surfaces Resurfacing won’t fail unless an environmental issue allows water penetration or damage.

If an issue occurs, contact the Resurfacer who completed your work as soon as possible so they can make a repair.

Will Resurfacing chip or damage?

Yes. Like a new surface, you can chip, scratch and damage a Resurfaced surface.

However, our coating has a 4H hardness, is chip resistant and can usually be repaired if damaged.

Does Resurfaicng require special care or treatment?

No special care or treatment is required, just clean with a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth.

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