Bath Resurfacing is Great for Worn Out Baths

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Why do baths need to be Resurfaced?

Like any surface, the surface of a bath will wear out over years of use and cleaning, leaving it porous.

Once a bath is old and worn, the surface becomes rough and traps dirt, making it difficult to keep clean.

When scrubbing is required to clean the bath, this issue will only become worse.

Resurfacing is the perfect solution to extend the life of bathroom tiles and fittings.

Our members clean, repair and abrade the surface to prepare the bath making it spray ready. 😉

After masking the surrounds to protect any surfaces not being sprayed, the bath is primed and Resurfaced.

Most commonly, baths are Resurfaced with a High Gloss White, but other finishes and colours are available.

Our coating dries in only 2 hours.

To finish, the masking is removed and a new bead of silicone applied.

The bath is ready to be used once the silicone is set.

Resurfacing comes with an adhesion warranty and will last for years with care.

Care and maintenance is simply non-abrasive cleaning, using a detergent cleaner with a soft cloth, so your bath will no longer be soul crushing to clean. ? Please contact Resurfacing Australia to find your local Resurfacer.

Bathroom Resurfacing is Awesome… nothing more to say. :)

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Wow ? Resurfacing a bathrooms makes an awesome difference.Nothing more needs to be said… ?To find your local Resurfacer, please email us at and we will refer you. ?

Posted by Resurfacing Australia on Wednesday, 26 September 2018

To find your local Resurfacer, please contact us today and we will refer you.

Kitchen Resurfacing – A New Surface = A New Look

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Just like going to the hair dresser to get a new colour or a cut, Resurfacing can make your kitchen look refreshed again.

All kitchens start out new, and after 10 years or more, they need a little help to be rejuvenated.


This does not have to be difficult or expensive, and Resurfacing Australia has the perfect solution.

By Resurfacing the bench top with a faux granite finish, you will give your old bench a brand new stone look.

Then, with our specialty coating tinted with your choice of colour from the Dulux range, your cabinets can be Resurfaced in a finish of High Gloss, Satin or Matte.

“But what if they are old and damaged!”

That’s OK, we fix this before we Resurface. 😉

As part of our preparation, we remove old silicone, clean, fill and repair the surfaces so that any underlying damage will be covered by the new Surface. You can even fill the handle holes so you can install a different size handle.

“How much?”

Our members are all independent businesses that set their own pricing, but overall, Resurfacing will be about 75% cheaper than replacement.

Your quote will be based on the size of the kitchen, the type of substrate that the surface is made of and it’s condition, as well as the area around the kitchen that will need to be protected.

Just like a quote from a hair dresser, you can get a quote from your local Resurfacer before deciding if you would like to go head and make your kitchen look gorgeous again.

Contact Resurfacing Australia to today and we will refer you to your local Resurfacer.




No Need to Sell – Love Your Houses Australia

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No Need to Sell – Love Your Houses Australia!

For all the years that we featured Resurfacing on Selling Houses Australia, one thing was for sure…

Once we finished the makeover, people wanted to stay living in their home – now that they liked it!

It’s easy to consider selling or moving on when you are fed up looking at rooms that need renovating and improvement.

The simplest things can achieve this.

  • Firstly, clean and de-clutter. But don’t panic. This can be done in stages, and is a lot easier than moving.
  • Secondly, Resurfacing your kitchen, main bathroom and ensuite will make your house look like you have a new kitchen and main bathroom and ensuite. Resurfacing needs to be done professionally for quality and durability, so find your Resurfacing Australia Approved member for a quote.
  • Thirdly, a coat of paint. Again, in stages as you can. Painting is a very doable DIY option.
  • Fourthly, carpet and window fittings. Yep, this one will cost a few bones. But for window fittings, you can do these in stages – perhaps as the paint the room, have the new blind, shutter or window fitting installed after painting the window architrave.

And carpet, when you’re ready, there are many styles with budget options available.

Then, stay in your home because you have made it yours and you love it.

No need to sell and lose money selling, buying a new house, moving… only to find all the issues you are going to need to fix in the next house.

Our message – no Selling Houses – just be here now, and love the home you have – because it’s yours Australia. ?