Are You Looking to Start a New Business?


Resurfacing is a great business for anyone who loves the renovation industry and willing to work hard.

When you meet people wanting to see their kitchen and bathroom rejuvenated, you are able to offer a quality budget option which will impress them, as well as their family and friends.

Resurfacing increases the value of their home, as well as giving an updated look to their bathrooms and kitchen, and extends the life of aging fittings.

Since 1979, our Resurfacing products have been improving bathrooms and kitchens worldwide, and now you can too.

How Do I Get More Information….

Follow the link below or contact our supplier, Absolute Resurfacing can assist you with product, training, and equipment to get you started.

Looking to start your own resurfacing business? We can point you in the right direction

How to become a Resurfacing Australia Member…

To be a member of Resurfacing Australia, you need to agree to use our premium products from Napco Ltd and agree to our high standards of service.

You will also need to be an established Resurfacing business before we will endorse or recommend your business

I'm an experienced Resurfacer looking to join the network.