Resurfacing Australia is leading the Resurfacing industry by supporting experienced Resurfacers to deliver the quality results all customers should receive.


We have taken the time to personally test and use advanced preparation to ensure adhesion.

All silicone must be removed to prevent trace contamination.

The surface will then require commercial cleaning agents to penetrate the surface for all matter that standard cleaning products can not remove.

It’s important to etch a surface for coating bonding. Our Resurfacers are trained to diagnose what the surface requires.

Masking is fixed around the surface to protect your home.


We have a range of products that are Low in VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds. When a product takes 24+ hours to cure, the volatile toxins are in your home and breathed in by your family. Don’t take this risk.

The cure time of our products is only 2 or 4 hours with 4H hardness. No other product available can match this.

Our products are from Napco Ltd and exclusively supplied by Absolute Resurfacing in Australia. They are the only bathroom and kitchen resurfacing products to receive the approval for the new USA EPA Clean Air Regulations.

In addition to our Low VOC products, we use extractor fans to remove the fumes while spraying.


All Resurfacing is the spraying of a coating over a surface. Our paint coating is sprayed through a HVLP – High Volume Low Pressure Spray system.

Our technique of spraying is essential to achieve the look you want.
The high gloss bathroom, the satin finish on your kitchen cupboards and finish panels, the granite look vanity or kitchen bench top. It is essential to have a professional Resurfacer who can accomplish a quality finish.

Finish Detailing

After spraying, the job is not complete. A Resurfacer should not leave you to finalise the room, this is sub-standard service.

Detailing can sometimes be completed at the time of spraying, or the next day for most other services.

  • All masking around the area should be removed and taken away.
  • Silicone is applied to edges in wet areas.
  • Accessories are re-installed.
  • The area is left clean and ready for use.


We have resurfacers Australia-wide. Find one in your suburb.