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The Growing Resurfacing Industry…

Resurfacing is a young industry already established in Australia. Our businesses are growing with great future prospects.

Every household has a kitchen and bathroom…

Resurfacing is an option for every household in Australia, so it doesn’t matter where you live, you will have a market full of potential. Every city and town loves to have a budget option, and Resurfacing is the best budget option for kitchens and bathrooms.


A Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing business is a small to medium sized business that will give you the flexibility to enjoy your family and lifestyle. You organise your hours of work to suit quotes, on site work, and office time. Having time off will be organised by you.

Talk to us…

If you would like to join the Resurfacing Australia Network, we would like to talk to you.

We will train you and supply a complete Resurfacing range of products and equipment.

We do require that you agree to the Resurfacing Australia standards of service, and comply with your states regulations.

Our goal is to promote quality and value in the Resurfacing industry for both you as the business owner, and the community.

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