Kitchen cabinets can be freshened up with a new coating, and bench tops can be resurfaced with a faux granite look.

There is no room more expensive and difficult to renew than a kitchen… but not anymore.

Without disturbing your kitchen, and within days, Resurfacing Australia can offer a way to revamp your kitchen by resurfacing the surfaces you already have.

Kitchen doors and fixed panels do not always need replacement. They can be cleaned, repaired, prepared and sprayed in a gloss or satin finish in a colour of your choice.

The splash back can be resurfaced in a gloss colour, removing the need to scrub grease out of grout lines.

As a feature, the bench top can be resurfaced in a stone look. The Flintstone II coating gives you a colour range with options. See our colour range below.

Resurfacing will modernize your kitchen.

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