Low VOC’s

We have a range of coatings that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) so you will have less toxic fumes within your home while spraying and none within 2 hours.

No paint product is healthy. You need to be aware of the VOC’s paint products have. Even water based products have them.

All efforts must be made to reduce exposure to paint fumes.  Products, especially those that don’t dry quickly, leave fumes throughout your home for 24 hours or longer. These dry times are unacceptable for your family to be exposed to.

The Low VOC’s make our products the only resurfacing coating that is compliant with the new USA EPA Clean Air Regulations. This is the biggest green tick of approval to date for a Resurfacing product.

Cleaner Waterways

Once an area is resurfaced, the surface has a film over porous areas, grout lines and damage. This means the surface will require only a simple detergent, and no bleaches, and abrasive harsh chemicals. This means your grey water is cleaner and less toxic.

Reduce Landfill

Land fill is the other major benefit when resurfacing. You can update without throwing out heaps of unnecessary bathroom and kitchen construction waste.


Your home will be protected by masking film over all surfaces not being resurfaced.

We extract the fumes and can use products that will dry within two hours leaving your home free of Volatile Organic Compounds.

The HVLP – High Volume Low Pressure spray system we use maintains the balance between over atomisation and the quality finish. This reduces the overall fume load.

It’s just an additional benefit that you can resurface and save up to 75% in replacement costs as well as help the environment.


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