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Resurfacing in every state of Australia.

Bathroom wall tiles and fittings can be resurfaced in a high gloss finish, and vanity tops can be resurfaced in our faux granite finish Flintstone II.

Kitchen cabinets can be resurfaced in a high gloss, satin or matte colour of your choice, and bench tops can be Resurfaced in Flintstone II. The stone look without the stone price, and 28 colour choices.

Our coatings are used Exclusively by Resurfacing Australia Approved members.

So don’t rip out your bathroom and kitchen until you have had a quote from your local Resurfacing Australia Approved member today!

Ask Us

We hear of many Resurfacers claiming to be members of Resurfacing Australia and using our products, and now you can know for sure. By simply sending us an email, we can confirm if the Resurfacer you are contacting or receiving a quote from is a member of Resurfacing Australia.

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to find your local Resurfacing Australia Approved Resurfacer.

Upcoming Episodes of Selling Houses Australia featuring Resurfacing Australia

Beachmere, Regional QLD

We Resurface the kitchen benchtop.

Thurs 31st August 7:30pm

Erksineville, Sydney, NSW

We Resurface the bathroom wall tiles and bath tub.

Sun 3rd September 7:30pm

Pacific Pines, Gold Coast, QLD

We Resurface the kitchen bench top, and bathroom wall tiles, bath tub and vanity.

Thurs 14th September 11:15am and 7:30pm

Ballarat, Regional VIC

We Resurface the main bathroom wall tiles and bath tub, and the ensuite bathroom wall tiles and vanity.

Tues 19th September 11:15am and 7:30pm

As seen on 35 episodes of Selling Houses Australia.

Hosts Andrew Winter, Shyanna Blaze, Charlie Albone with some of our Resurfacing Australia members.


We have resurfacers Australia-wide. Find one in your suburb.